About ME

I'm an ecologist with broad interests in terrestrial ecology, wildfire, conservation, climate change, and forest dynamics.

My PhD research reconstructed Holocene fire activity, climate, and vegetation in temperate rainforests located on the Central Coast of British Columbia. I assessed ecological legacies associated with long-term cultural burning and using fire as a tool for resource management. This work has contemporary applications in forest management such as reducing wildfire risk, and establishing prescribed burning programs in British Columbia that are informed by traditional knowledge and western science. 

I grew up in northern British Columbia, and most of the content I share is from British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, and California. I also enjoy communicating my research findings through non-academic channels including magazines, radio, and blog posts. I'm equally divided in my love of mountains and oceans and spend as much time as possible in the outdoors.

In September 2018, I began working as a wildlife biologist to aid in the recovery of mountain caribou in northern British Columbia. I look forward to using the best available science and engagement to tackle some of the many problems caribou are facing. Stay tuned!